The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bangalore is still working on a new bedding and furniture design for the Duke of Bedford’s property in Beddington, west London, according to documents seen by News24.

The Duke of York’s residence at Beddingtons, in Kensington, is the latest property to be purchased by the Duke after his death in November.

According to the documents, which were seen by the broadcaster, a company called Pivot Ltd, set up by the estate agency BDO, is “actively engaged in designing the design and installation of new bed and furniture in the property.”

The documents say Pivot has been working on the project since late December.

They are signed by Pivot’s head of design, Rakesh Agarwal, and also include a copy of a memorandum from the Duke, dated February 10, 2017, in which he describes his plans to build a “Bedford suite” at the estate.

The documents show that the Duke’s son James was also keen to have a bed and an apartment at the property, as it was not in the Duke Of Bedford’s plans to have two separate homes.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her family were also keen on a Bedford suite, but the plan was never finalised, the documents said.

The Pivot team are expected to deliver the first of three designs for the new home on March 3, 2018, according the documents.

The project is expected to cost around £5 million, which is in line with the estimated value of the property.

However, the Duke has said he does not want to live in the hotel.

The Beddings property has already attracted a number of high-profile visitors, including Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Beddington was purchased by billionaire Donald Trump for a reported £250 million in January 2019, and it is expected that Trump will continue to use the property for business and social functions.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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