How to spot the hidden property tax on your property

The hidden property taxes that many property owners have to pay in Australia can vary depending on the circumstances of the property.

If you own a property that is not an apartment, for example, you will need to pay a property tax as a landlord.

If you own an apartment complex that has more than one floor, you may also have to cover the additional costs for a property surveyor to perform a property assessment.

The NSW Government announced in April that it would implement a property taxation scheme that would increase property tax from 8.2 per cent to 9 per cent for properties with an assessed value of $400,000 or more.

The Government said it would target properties with a property value of less than $200,000 and that the new tax would apply to all new properties that are constructed within two years of the end of the year, or on or after 1 July 2020.

But if the property is a commercial property, you should also expect to pay the property tax.

The Property Tax Advisory Council of Australia (PTA) is recommending that all property owners who rent a home to a person over the age of 60 should pay a 0.5 per cent property tax to the NSW Government.

Property Tax Advisers and Tax Analysts Australia (TTA) also have a similar recommendation, but advise against a property Tax Assessment Scheme that is based on a one-time assessment for a fixed value property.

The PTA said: “Property tax is a property owner’s responsibility, and there is no doubt that it is the most complex tax that the state or territory government will impose on property owners.”

“The NSW government has a responsibility to ensure that property owners pay property tax when they rent out their homes.

If a property is rented out, it must be managed as such and not as a rental property.”

But the TAAs report said that if you’re renting a property to someone under 60, you can choose to pay less property tax if you have an approved property tax discount, and if you rent the property to a single person.

You should check whether you’re eligible for a Property Tax discount or if your property is currently assessed as an apartment.

If the property has been assessed as a hotel, the TAAS said you will be required to pay an additional property tax of 5 per cent of the assessed value.

You can check whether a property has a Property Value Discount (PVD) by checking the property’s current assessment in the NSW Property Assessment Database.

If your property has an estimated fair market value (AMI), you can use the AMI to determine if you qualify for a discount on property tax in NSW.

The TAAS report recommends that you avoid property tax for any property that has been purchased as part of a residential development, a commercial development, or is owned by a person who is over 60.

The report also says that if your home is being used as a business or a residential unit, you are not required to charge a property levy.

The Tax Analysis and Policy Analysis Centre of the Australian Taxation Office (ATPO) recommends that all properties be assessed as residential property and that you pay no property tax until your property’s assessed value is over $400000.

“Property taxes should be paid on a property’s fair market values, and a tax rebate is only available if the assessed fair market is less than the total fair market market value of your property,” the TABS report says.

If a property doesn’t qualify for an appraisal, the Tax Assessment Review Board (TARB) will consider the property and will recommend an assessment fee.

The TARB’s recommendations are meant to help you choose between the property taxes for different types of properties.

If this is a situation where you have a property in a property park or an apartment block and you rent it out, you might be able to pay property taxes on your rent payments, even if you are a non-resident.

If property tax is assessed as being an accessory, the TARBS recommends that the owner of the home pay property Tax Assessors’ Licences, which are similar to a rental permit.

The ATO report says: “A property owner who leases out a property should be prepared to provide a property report and provide the required information to ensure the property complies with its owner’s duties.”

The TABS recommends paying property Tax at the time of purchase and the date of assessment, but also at the end and before the assessment.

If someone who is not the owner pays the property Tax, the owner should pay the same tax to be considered a taxable resident of the land or building.

You might be eligible for tax credits if the tax on the property you rent is below the cost of the rental property.

For more information about property tax and rental properties, contact the NSW Tax Office on 1800 667 723.


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