When you search for real estate, you need to know who owns it

The property appraisers at the University of Utah are calling for new legislation that would give property owners more control over their real estate dealings.

The university is proposing legislation that is designed to prevent private sellers from “fraudulently” claiming their homes are worth more than they are.

The legislation is named after two professors at the school who died last month after being shot in the head.

The proposed legislation is based on a 2015 study that found that when it comes to the property valuation of an estate, property owners who claim their properties are worth less than they actually are are are likely to be more likely to sell their homes to people who are not the rightful owners.

The law would also create an online system that would help property owners make sure their property is worth the money they paid for it.

“It’s a little bit like the bank account,” said Dan Reichert, a professor at the university.

“You know, you know how much you’ve paid for the account?

How much you’re going to pay for it?”

Reicherst said property owners should be able to check to make sure they’re actually getting the full value of their home and that if they are, they will get it.

Reiches said it’s the “little bit” of transparency that makes it worthwhile.

The Utah Law Enforcement and Public Safety Institute estimates that in 2015 there were 8,400 violent crimes against property and 8,200 property crimes, which were all crimes of violence.

The institute estimates that more than a quarter of property crimes in Utah involve property owners or people who have a claim on their property.

“In the future, we’re going have to start looking at more tangible things,” Reicers said.

Reis said it will be important for lawmakers to look at the ways in which property owners can better control their properties and their properties can better protect their community.

“When you go back to the 18th century, the land was a sacred thing,” Reis told NBC News.

“If you owned it, you owned your property.

And if you don’t own the land, the people who did own the property are going to own it.”

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