New Jersey man finds $40 million to buy a mansion with all of his ancestors

The story of Simon Property Group, the property developer that bought a historic mansion in New Jersey, has just gotten a little more interesting.

The owner of the mansion, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Associated Press that he plans to move out in 2019 and that he will be giving the home to his grandson.

The family plans to continue to live in the home until the next owner chooses to sell.

The mansion was built in 1883 in New Brunswick and was owned by the Simon family for more than 50 years.

After the family’s estate was sold in 2006, the estate was used to buy the property from a former owner.

In 2010, a lawsuit filed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) alleged that the Simon property failed to comply with the Clean Water Act.

The state had claimed that the building, which is located in the city of New Brunswick, violated the law when it lacked a sewer line.

Simon Property had denied the allegations and said that it was the first company in the state to build a house that was clean.

The lawsuit, which was dismissed by the court, has been appealed to the New Brunswick Court of Appeals.

Simon and his heirs have long denied the DEP’s allegations, saying that the property is in good condition.

Simon, however, has maintained that the home is in bad condition, saying the building is “in need of repair” and that it is “still not up to code.”

The DEP said that its investigation was ongoing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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