Real estate agents are using metal detectors to deter fraud and thieves – Business Insider

Real estate agent Michael Hahn is trying to figure out how to prevent theft and fraud.

“You have to have a sense of urgency.

You have to be ready to deploy those technologies,” Hahn said.”

When you see a lot of fraudulent activity going on, it’s easy to get discouraged.”

But when you see the police presence, it makes you feel a lot better.

“A few years ago, the FBI and the city of Chicago set up a partnership with metal detectors and a video surveillance system to help combat crimes like property crime.

But metal detectors have become popular among criminals in the United States, including people who have a history of drug and gun offenses.

Hahn says he sees a growing trend in real estate agents across the country.”

In Chicago, it has become so popular, I had a couple of agents come to my office and say, ‘You know, I need a security deposit,'” Hahn told Business Insider.”

I said, ‘No problem, we’re doing a real estate audit in my office.’

“Metal detectors have long been used by law enforcement in major cities like Seattle, Philadelphia and New York, and they’ve been deployed in more than 80% of US counties, according to the FBI.

Hahn says that’s a big step forward for metal detectors.”

Metal detectors are also proving a huge success at protecting property.”

So the police are more comfortable when they’re in a city that’s protected by metal detectors.”

Metal detectors are also proving a huge success at protecting property.

In the past year, metal detectors in Chicago and New Jersey have been used to prevent burglaries and burglaries at multiple buildings in those cities.

In the past six months, Chicago has recorded a total of 685 property crimes.

Hahns office has deployed metal detectors on two separate occasions to help prevent burglars from stealing property.

He said the deterrents are proving effective.

“The most important thing is that we’re trying to keep the people out,” he explained.

“People want to steal property, but they don’t want to be the person who’s going to steal the property from them.”

Hahn said the more people have the ability to protect themselves from crime, the more property owners will feel secure.

“It’s about creating that illusion that you have to protect yourself.

You’re not going to be robbed if you’ve got a good, well-secured, metal detector in your home.”

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