The latest in the row over ‘unfair competition’

The High Court has ruled that the property trust has the right to sue Apple for the sale of a Starwood property.

Apple will have to pay damages to the trust of more than £1bn, but it has until the end of March to do so.

Apple has argued that the trust has not been given enough time to prepare for a sale.

The court heard that Starwood has been selling properties for more than 50 years, and that the sale would result in the trust losing a significant amount of money.

It is not the first time that the high court has taken up this issue.

In February, the court rejected Apple’s application to challenge the validity of the sale process, saying that it was not “fair to the appellant to have a dispute over the value of the assets at issue”.

The case comes as Apple and Amazon are embroiled in a dispute with rival Amazon.

Amazon recently told the court it will not pay its own legal fees to Apple, and has asked the court to rule that Apple’s dispute with Amazon is not “unfair” and that it can continue to sell the property for the trust to profit from.

Apple’s appeal will also be heard by the supreme court’s special judges, which include Lord Justice Leveson, Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge and Sir Thomas Hardwicke.

Apple said the case is part of an ongoing legal battle to try to stop the UK government’s plans to privatise the railways.

The case is being heard at the high courts in London, and the case will be heard on March 11.

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