How the city of Philadelphia will use data to assess and manage property in its next two decades

The city of Pittsburgh is in the midst of a property tax assessment process that could transform the way the city manages its property.

In a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mayor Bill Peduto said the city’s assessment process will have the power to affect the future of the city and the city as a whole.

The city will be using the new technology that is part of a new property assessment tool called the SmartAsset SmartAsset is a data analytics company that is building on its existing technology.

It’s an application that can be used to analyze a property’s ownership history, history of construction, history and current condition, and it’s an integrated asset management tool that can predict how a property will perform in the future.

The goal is to be able to use it in ways that will be very helpful to the city,” Peduto told the Post-gazette.

The company said it would be able analyze property in Pittsburgh to predict how likely it is to deteriorate, to what extent that property is vacant, to predict future demand for that property, and to help predict future property values.

Peduto pointed to a recent report on the city that predicted the city could lose about $1 billion from property taxes in the next decade due to the lack of infrastructure in the city.PEDUTO: We’ve seen a lot of this in the past, a lot more than the average taxpayer.

It happens more than we ever want.

The property owners don’t understand that.

It has been going on for a long time.

Pedututo said property owners who are very smart and have the money are not necessarily the ones who will survive.

The city has had a long history of making these assumptions.

The way we’re going to be measuring property values is that we’re getting the data that shows what is happening to property in the market and what’s going to happen to property values in the near future.

The problem is, when we look at the real estate market, we have these very real, very hard-to-quantify numbers that can’t be quantified.

The new system would not only allow the city to analyze the current condition of properties and forecast future property prices, but also analyze the impact of a variety of factors, including traffic congestion, changes in population and economic development.

The assessment process, which is expected to cost $7.2 billion, is expected by 2021.

The new technology has been in use since 2010 and is expected only to become more sophisticated as technology advances.

It would be the first time the city has ever conducted an assessment using the same technology that has been used for decades.

The project is expected take about six to eight years to complete.

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