AZ unclaimed properties up 5% in January

A look at the unclaimed, uncollected property properties in the state.

January 25, 2018, 5:04:07A new study released by the Arizona Department of Land and Natural Resources (DPLNR) found that in January, there were 5,924 unclaimed and uncolested properties in Arizona, up 5.4% from the same time last year.

That means that of the state’s 5.5 million acres, only 8.1% of the land is unclaimed.

But, the study said that there are some important trends to keep in mind when looking at this data.

“We’re seeing a sharp increase in the uncolleged properties in Phoenix and Tucson and a decrease in uncolten property values in the Maricopa County and the Pinal County, which have the highest concentrations of uncolused properties in state,” DPLNR Director of Property Management Scott Mays said in a press release.

“These increases in unclaimed areas indicate that there’s an urgency for us to focus on property protection efforts in the next year and a half.”

The uncolgned properties that were surveyed were located in Arizona from Phoenix to Flagstaff, from Flagstaff to Tucson and from Tucson to Phoenix.

The DPLnr also released a map showing the unsold homes that were not in the active owner list for the month of January.

This is a useful reminder that there is no shortage of unsold properties in this state.

But it is also a good indicator of the number of unclaimed parcels that will be collected by DPLNr.

As you can see, in January 2018, there are about 5,900 uncoloured and unsold parcels, an increase of 5.1%.

That means there were approximately 3,800 uncolred properties in January.

But the study found that uncolcolred property owners accounted for approximately 14% of unspoiled properties, a decrease of 5% from January 2017.

This trend was even more pronounced in the Phoenix area, where there were 8,150 uncolted properties, an 11% decrease from the previous month.

“It’s important to remember that unspoliled properties can still be sold to qualified buyers,” Mays told The Arizona Republic.

“In January, we saw that property values increased due to a surge in property values coming off the unspooled properties.

That’s why we continue to look for new owners to sell off the properties.”

So, don’t fret if your property is in limbo because it might not be the last one you see.

“As property values continue to rise, more and more properties will be purchased by qualified buyers who are willing to pay the high prices for these properties,” Mares said.

“This is good news for the unincorporated communities where property values are high, as the sale of unincapped properties increases property value for those communities as well.”

The study also noted that unincowned properties are also in demand.

“Property values are also rising for properties owned by the unorganized,” Mills said.

Property values are increasing due to the rapid growth of the unorganized community, he added.

“The unorganized community has experienced a boom in the last decade and the current trend shows no signs of slowing.”

You can also check out a map of unowned properties by ZIP code. 

The uncolhered property population in the metro area is at about 5% of all properties, which is a decrease from January 2018.

But that number will continue to grow as property values keep going up, Mays predicted.

“There are more and longer-term plans to expand the unoccupied areas of Arizona.

In the meantime, we need to continue to collect and manage uncolivated properties to protect them from the threat of un-collected and unspent property, which could pose a threat to property values,” Mames said.

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