What’s in the water for your Indiana water?

The most recent water levels in the state have risen significantly since the onset of the drought. 

According to a report by the Indiana Water Research Institute (IWRI), the state’s water system is currently suffering from an average of 9 inches of rain per day. 

It’s also averaging 19.9 inches of snow per day, and the number of dead or missing people in the State has risen to 582, which has been up from 487 in April of last year. 

The drought is impacting homes, businesses, tourism and other areas in the county. 

On Thursday, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels announced that he had extended an emergency water supply permit to all areas affected by the drought, and has granted an additional 24-hour water supply permit for Indiana residents. 

However, it seems that the state’s water supply is only going to get worse. 

With an average elevation of 6,831 feet above sea level, the Lake Erie Lake in Lake County is currently the sixth largest in the United States. 

Its depth is only 1,068 feet, but the lake is also home to the Indiana State Capitol and the state Capitol Building. 

While the lake has not been as heavily affected as the rest of the state, the situation is already dire. 

 As of March 12, a total of 3,746 tidal gauges were reported as broken and water was flowing into the lake at an alarming rate. 

At least 13,828 people have died in the past 12 months, which is nearly double the number in 2015, when the water shortage was at its peak. 

Additionally, an estimated 8,300 people have been displaced by the water crisis. 

In addition to the water shortages, the drought has also impacted the economic economy. 

Indiana has a population of 4.8 million people and is not particularly dependent on tourism to generate economic growth. 

This means that businesses are already facing a steep drop in revenue as people are opting to go to other states, like Georgia and Louisiana. 

For example, according to a study published in the American Economic Journal in April, business experience was down in the last half of last year. 

“The decline in business investment was not due to economic weakness, but instead due to the severity of the water situation,” the report stated. 

There are currently about 7.4 million customers in Indiana who have no access to reliable water, and Indiana’s governor is also under pressure to get the drought under control. 

Governor Daniels has issued an emergency declaration for his state, and ordered all state agencies to begin monitoring the water for independents. 

As he did during his election campaign, Daniels announced that he would begin to conduct tests for  chemicals and wet chemicals in the Lake Erie lake to determine the extent of the problem. 

He said that it would be necessary for the state to test for chemical contamination before the next water delivery is given out. 

So far, there have been more than 30 tests conducted in order to find out if there is any contamination in the lake. 

If there is, he is expected to make the order for tests to continue for up to two days. 

Though the test results have suggested that the lake may be contaminated, it’s unlikely that such a thing is possible. 

Dr. Pauline Kooiman, an environmental scientist at Indiana University and Indiana University Medical Center, said that a lot needs to change to ensure that the Indiana water system is able to cope with the drought. 

“[A] lot of the problems that we see today are based on the old paradigm that says we can’t have drought when we’re getting water from the lakes, that we can have drought when we’re getting water from the rivers, but we can never have drought in the Lake Erie basin because that’s a baseline condition,” Kooigan said. 

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