‘They’ve been a disgrace’: Families of Irish and US troops in Afghanistan speak out

LONDON – More than 6,000 families of US troops who died in Afghanistan are speaking out to protest against the British government’s decision to remove their Irish and Canadian citizenship.

More than 2,000 Irish troops died in the war and over 10,000 are still missing.

The British government is currently investigating whether British forces committed war crimes.

The families are calling for the release of more Irish soldiers who died and those who have been missing. 

The families also want to know why the British Government did not release any information about Irish soldiers and the families are demanding the Government should disclose more information.

In a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, the families say the British authorities should release a list of Irish troops who were killed, missing and presumed dead and a list to which their relatives are entitled. 

“The British Government has now removed the Irish and British citizenship of more than 10,300 members of our family,” the letter says. 

In the letter, the family said British authorities have removed their Irish nationality and that the British Foreign Office should release details of Irish military personnel who were in Afghanistan.

“These include British troops who fought in the conflict in Afghanistan and are still unaccounted for, including the soldiers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary who died while serving on the front lines in Helmand Province,” the family writes.

Irish troops are part of the Afghan National Army (ANA), the United Nations mission in Afghanistan, and the British military was also involved in the occupation of the province in 2001.

British authorities have also said they will not release the names of any Irish soldiers killed in Afghanistan because they have not been officially identified.

The British government said it will consider the families request but that the government has no plans to remove Irish soldiers’ citizenship.

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