Metal-loving Americans have been doing the wrong thing for centuries, and it’s time to get over it

From their earliest days, Americans have embraced metal.

And while there are certain musical genres that have gained a cult following, others have fallen by the wayside over time.

Here’s a look at the 10 most recent bands to become famous for their musical style.


Black Sabbath, Sabbath: It took a while for the band to gain mainstream popularity, but Sabbath’s first album, 1994’s Black Sabbath II, was the biggest hit in rock history.

In the decades since, the band has released three more albums, but its influence has never waned.

Now, it’s the subject of a new documentary, Metal Hammer: The Rise of Black Sabbath.

(It’s also available on Netflix.)


Metallica, Metallica: Metallica has been a massive part of rock history for decades, and in fact, the metal band’s popularity has been growing since the late ’90s, when the group released its debut album, Born on the Fourth of July.

But the band’s influence has always been limited to the metal-loving crowd.

Nowadays, the group’s fans go on a worldwide tour, including a sold-out show at London’s O2 Arena in 2016.

(The show sold out quickly, and the band plans to play the show again.)


Slayer, Slayer: In the late 1980s, the rock band released its self-titled debut, which was followed by three more Slayer albums.

The band’s members and their wives also formed their own bands, which have influenced many of the current bands.

Slayer’s most popular albums include 1996’s Red Hot Chili Peppers and 1999’s Reign in Blood.


Led Zeppelin, Led Zepplin: Zeppelin’s seminal 1973 album, Led Belly Up, sold more than a million copies.

Led’s fourth album, 1977’s The Dark Side of the Moon, also sold more copies than any other album.

(Zeppelin was founded by Jimi Hendrix, a founding member of the Grateful Dead.)

The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.


Metallix, Metallix: Metallix’s second album, 1999’s Blackened, was one of the best-selling albums of all time.

It also became the band that the pop music world most fans are familiar with: Metallics, a tribute to the band members and the music they loved.

Metallics was a huge success, but Metallix has struggled with a new kind of fan.

The group has a new lineup of members and has been struggling with its sound, as well as a new album.

Metallical’s new album, The Last of the Mohicans, was released last year.


Nirvana, Nirvana: In 1995, Nirvana released their second album The Ugly Truth, which became a huge hit and was followed up by a self-released follow-up album, Nevermind.

Nirvana has also released three albums: 1997’s Bleach, 2002’s Nevermind, and 2005’s Bleach II. 7.

Metallic, Metallic: Metallic is a tribute band to Metallica.

The four members of Metallica — vocalist Lars Ulrich, guitarist Kirk Hammett, bassist Lars Fruhlinger, and drummer Dan Auerbach — formed the band in 1992.

Metallico was inducts into the Music Hall of Famer’s Hall of Honor in 2012.


Metallium, Metallium: Metallium is the band of metalcore pioneers Metallica and Metallica II.

The first album by Metallica was released in 2004, and each album since has included new music from the band.

Metallican has had two albums with three different members: 2009’s Bad Religion, and 2011’s Dark Angel.


Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden is a British metal band that has released seven studio albums and three live albums.

Iron Man’s 2004 solo album, Maiden, was a major success.

But now the band is touring in support of its fifth studio album, Iron Man 3.

Ironman 3 was released on June 14.


Rage Against the Machine, Rage Against Machine: Rage Against The Machine was formed in 1994 by members of the band The Stooges and the late drummer Dave Mustaine.

The two bands formed a solo career, but in 2006, Rage joined forces with the rock bands Guns N’ Roses and Guns N Roses II.

In 2007, Rage’s debut album Rage Against, was recorded by longtime guitarist and keyboardist Jeff Hanneman, and featured the band performing covers of hits from rock bands like Guns N’, Roses and The Beatles.

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