How to Avoid Virginia Unclaimed Property Tax for 2018

Posted October 02, 2018 06:16:17A property tax collector in Virginia will not be allowed to charge you for unclaimed or untaxed property.

The law states that a property owner can claim a tax credit for the unclaimed if the property was not properly declared or disposed of.

But it does not require property owners to provide proof that the property is unclaimed.

The attorney general is working on legislation to make property tax collectors and others responsible for the process.

Property owners can claim tax credits for property taxes that are not paid, but if they don’t, they can’t claim a credit.

Property taxes are assessed on the value of the property, not the amount it is worth, according to the Virginia Department of Taxation and Finance.

For example, if the value is $300,000, and the property owner pays $50 for the property taxes and $25 for the utility fees, the tax collector will be responsible for $75 in unpaid taxes.

That means a property tax credit will not apply if the owner has not filed the required paperwork.

The owner has the right to dispute the amount of the tax, but that is a property rights issue, said Mike Ritenour, property tax lawyer at Ritens.

The tax collector must also provide the proper documentation, such as proof of ownership and a statement that the owner is claiming the tax credit.

You also have to make a good faith effort to keep the property from being sold, Ritents said.

The process is fairly straightforward, and it’s not a big deal if it goes well.

If you have questions about your property tax bill, contact your property representative.

Property records are available online.

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