How Florida’s mansion value rose to $1.9M, $2M property value

In Miami, the property value of the three properties that have been valued at over $1 million increased by $150,000 each to an estimated $2.9 million, the city of Miami-Dade reported Friday.

The three properties, located in the Mar-a-Lago mansion, are listed for sale at an average asking price of $1,569,400, the report said. 

The median selling price for Miami-dade property in October was $1-million, while the median selling sale price in Palm Beach County was $2-million in September, according to real estate agent Craig Riedel. 

Two of the properties in the mansion were listed for $800,000 and $700,000, respectively, in August. 

One of the Marisomes mansion, which was built in 1891 and is valued at $4.5 million, was listed for at least $1M in August, according the report. 

In Palm Beach, a separate listing of the property has been made for $3.8 million in August and the price is listed at $3-million. 

Palm Beach property appraisers are looking to recoup $300,000 in fees related to the sale of the mansion.

The city of Palm Beach has agreed to pay $5,000 to cover those fees, according Riedal. 

“The real estate market has been very volatile,” said Matt Daugherty, an appraiser with Daugs, Riedels, and Daugie Properties in Miami. 

Daugherty added that it was not clear how much the properties would sell for. 

When the properties are sold, the value of each of the structures could fluctuate, but if they go for $2 million or less, it’s a pretty good investment for the taxpayers,” Daugries said.”

If they go over $2,500, that would be good, because you can sell them for cash.” 

While it’s not uncommon for the value to increase with each sale, the Miami-Palm Bay property is a separate, privately owned structure. 

A new structure was constructed at the mansion in 2006 to house the Florida State Seminoles football team, which now uses the facility. 

Moss said she and her husband have been working hard to sell their Florida home for years. 

After selling their home in 2015, she and Daugers moved to Miami to work for her family. 

She said she believes they are going to get lucky.”

It’s a little bit of a miracle.

We are going into this season and we’re going to have a great year.

We’ll have a wonderful season,” Moss said.

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