What you need to know about the Maryland property tax levy

Maryland has an effective property tax rate of 8.75% per year and a property tax increase of 10% from 2019-20 to 2021-22.That means the state is likely to collect more revenue in 2021-20 than it did in 2021.Here’s how to calculate your Maryland property taxes, based on Maryland’s current tax structure.What is the Maryland Property […]

How to find out if your home is worth what you paid for

New York City is experiencing a shortage of affordable homes, which is pushing some people into foreclosure.The housing market is so saturated that many homeowners are looking for cheaper places to buy.But many of those homes aren’t listed, so they can’t be sold for much.The state’s Department of Financial Services has released a list of […]

How to find and remove an unclaimed Texas property

On Thursday morning, the Texas Department of Insurance announced it had issued a statement saying it is closing the property management services to a contractor that it has been working with on the property, after a previous complaint was made.According to the statement, the company has been under investigation by the department for a number […]

Why are property rights important?

The United States, Canada, and Australia are the most heavily taxed countries in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund.That’s a significant factor when it comes to determining how much money people in those countries make each year.But property rights are an even bigger part of the equation, because property rights protect the right […]

Why is there no way to keep the White House’s historic sites open to visitors?

I grew up on the Whitehouse and Washington National Mall, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to visit the sites.I’ve spent years looking at the National Archives and Museum of the United States of America’s historic site at the WhiteHouse and other historic sites, which are closed for renovation.In addition, the Whitehouses […]

An exclusive look at the biggest projects of 2019, with details on new hotels, luxury villas, office buildings and more

More than $300 million in projects were announced this year for the country’s cities and towns, but the majority of them were for heritage properties.The total number of projects worth $7.7 billion is the most ever in a single calendar year and the highest figure since the early 1990s, when more than $8.7 trillion was […]

The State of Nevada’s Beacon Property Tax: A look at what’s new and what’s been done

Posted August 06, 2018 09:19:31When Nevada passed a statewide sales tax increase last year, some property owners were surprised.But the tax change doesn’t seem to have changed the way property owners think about property taxes.Nevada State Treasurer Dan Bishop says he’s received many phone calls about the tax, but there are no hard numbers about […]

Property tax bills to increase by $200 to offset state income tax increase

Michigan is going to collect $200 more to offset the state’s income tax hike.Gov.Rick Snyder announced Tuesday that the revenue from property tax hikes would go to the Michigan Department of Human Services to help fund the $5.6 billion budget.That means property taxes will increase by 3.4 percent next year.That’s the highest in a decade.Gov.-elect […]

How to claim your property in the United States

If you’re thinking about selling your property or taking out a loan, you’ll need to contact a property appraisal agency in your state.Property appraisal companies provide property managers with the information they need to make a claim on your property.For some properties, they will also make an assessment based on the property’s value.Here’s what you […]

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