Homeowners in Calgary have to take action against foreclosed property foreclosed by CRA

On a hot summer day in July, some of the city’s best-known residents were among those who stood outside the front door of their home in the Calgary suburb of South Calgary, waiting to get in.The front door was locked.The only way into the home was by stepping inside through the front gate, said James […]

How to save $1 million on a condo property tax bill

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, you may be paying more than $1,000 a month for rent.That’s because Texas unclaimed properties are a big problem in the state.When you put that $1.5 million down in a condo, the value is determined by the rental property tax rate.So if you’re paying about $1 a […]

When you lease vacation properties, be prepared to pay for repairs

Owner of a vacation property will often need to make repairs on the property, especially if the property is owned by someone else.When the property owner is not willing to do this, the owner is liable for repairs on vacation properties that are owned by another party.Vacation property owners are responsible for their own property […]

How to Save Your Life from Cancer

I had just returned home from the hospital, and my wife and I were sitting on the couch, reading a book, when suddenly the phone rang.I picked it up and immediately began to cry.My wife’s father had just died.I hadn’t heard from him in years.I’d seen him on the news, and that day, I’d been […]

How to save $400,000 in house taxes on Palmer House property in Haddonfield

Haddonfields residents are facing an uphill battle with their property taxes, and they’re not alone.According to the latest figures from the city, Henderson County has paid $1.9 million to Palmer House over the last four years.According the report, Palmer has spent $1,700 on renovations to the building and another $800 on landscaping and landscaping equipment.The […]

Why are you using the term ‘extensive’ for the Python API documentation?

Why are we using the word ‘extant’ for documentation when it’s so often just a matter of adding ‘extension’ to the end of the name?This was the main complaint we got when looking at the documentation for the Django API.This is the first time we’ve seen a Python documentation that doesn’t mention Python 2 and […]

Why Louisiana is fighting for unclaimed Louisiana property

The United States is a land of opportunity.But as long as people and institutions are unable to access their rightful property, it can be difficult to preserve the landscape.Louisiana is one of the few states that has laws protecting unclaimed real estate, according to the Louisiana Association of Realtors, and that could be in jeopardy […]

How property insurance covers the loss of an unclaimed home

Property insurance has helped thousands of property owners across the country recover millions of dollars in lost income from their properties.But how does it work?What happens if you lose your home and need to sell it?How do you pay for your insurance?And how much can you claim?In this article, we’ll examine how property insurance works, […]

How to Buy and Sell the Massachusetts Unclaimed Property Database

As the city of Boston prepares for the second anniversary of the mass shooting at the Boston Marathon, the Unclaimed property database has become a popular topic of discussion.While the Boston Unclaimed Properties (UBP) website offers information on unclaimed properties, it does not provide data on individual properties, and the city does not offer data […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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