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Why intellectual property laws are the most important thing you should know

Intellectual property is the biggest business opportunity in the world, according to a report released Wednesday by a group of academics.“If the internet was the world’s greatest economic engine, and we had laws that protected our intellectual property rights, it would be the biggest engine in the universe,” says Michael D. Schoen, a professor of […]

What if you have a liens on your home and want to remove it?

You’re probably wondering how you could legally remove a property from a lienglien.The short answer is: you could, but you would likely need a lot of help.This is because, in Hawaii, there are a few different types of liens, which are all based on a different type of property.If you have property that is owned […]

How to Find Your Own Property Search on the Web – MADISON (MTV)

MADISON, Alabama — With the help of a virtual assistant, you can easily find the perfect property on the Internet.The site, MADISON Property Search, has helped property owners locate their properties in the most efficient and useful way possible.This week, we are going to take a look at how you can use the site to […]

Palmer House’s CEO Is Worth $15 Million

Palmer House is the latest Hollywood studio to sell its iconic offices and offices for $15 million.Sources say the studios $50 million purchase of the former Palmer house in downtown LA was done for $1.5 million.The property is located just east of Hollywood Boulevard, and was built in the 1950s.The home sits at the heart […]

Missouri Unclaimed Property Protects Property, Missouri Unclaimed Properties Protects Civil Rights

Missouri is the latest state to take action to protect unclaimed properties.The Missouri House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that will require owners of unclaimed land to pay back the money they’ve spent on cleaning up their property, and to report the money to the Missouri Civil Rights Commission.The bill passed the House on […]

How to Use the Property Rights Property Rights property rights property rights

By: Michael FungFor the first time ever, a group of academics has put the property rights of the internet in a global context.The Property Rights International Network (PRIN) report, titled Property Rights of the Internet, was published by the University of Waterloo and Harvard University, along with a wide range of stakeholders, including leading internet […]

How to get a better handle on a domain name from the first day of a new domain name?

A domain name is a unique identifier, usually assigned to a specific domain by the Registrar.The registrar assigns the domain name to the domain owner, who then maintains the name.In this way, the name is the “owner” of the domain, and the domain is “managed” by the domain registrar.In some cases, the domain may be […]

Indiana law could help save a family’s home

Indiana lawmakers are considering a measure that would give homeowners the option of collecting property taxes on their homes for as long as they are in the state.The proposal would go into effect in January.The Indiana House passed the bill by a vote of 21-1 on Wednesday.The bill would make it a felony for a […]

How to calculate the tax credit for your pornhub property

Palmer House properties may be your perfect rental for the holidays, but the rental tax deduction may be a bit of a headache.Here’s how you can use the tax deduction to save a few bucks.1.Renting with pornhub is tax-deductible2.Renters may qualify for a tax credit, but you have to qualify for it3.The tax deduction is […]

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