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ESPN’s Kevin Pelton: LeBron James’ return to Cleveland is the best thing to ever happen to basketball

ESPN’s “Cleveland Cavalier” Kevin Pelan writes that LeBron James should have retired sooner, but the return of LeBron James is the greatest thing to have happened to basketball in the last 15 years.The “Cavalier” also notes that the Cavs were not as dominant a team as they were in the 2015-16 season.Pelan goes on to […]

Which property taxes are you paying?

If you’re paying more than your fair share of local and state property taxes in New York City, chances are you’re not paying enough to make the city truly livable. According to the Department of Finance, local and New York State tax revenues have grown by only 3.4 percent annually since 2008. That means your state tax […]

Which metals are on the list of metals to avoid?

The Environmental Protection Agency has published a list of the most toxic metals in the world, with a warning that metals such as copper, zinc, silver and tin could be in short supply because of climate change and other factors.The list includes elements that have been in widespread use in jewelry, cars, chemicals, paints, paints […]

How to avoid a $5,000 tax bill if you own a property

You might think you’re doing all you can to minimize the amount you owe.But there’s a catch.The property tax on a property depends on how much of that property you own, according to is a handy tool to get a better sense of your actual taxable income.This calculator uses a simplified tax system that […]

How to win the Nevada Unclaimed Property Sweepstakes

New Jerseyans can win a $5,000 prize for finding their Nevada unclaimed home in the first 24 hours of each month.The prizes are distributed at the beginning of each new month and are valid for 30 days.The sweepstakes is open to New Jersey residents who are residents of New Jersey, and can be entered in […]

The beauty of a 3D view of a parallelograms property lines

An article published in the International Journal of Property Management and Development outlines how property lines can be used to capture a property’s characteristics and shape.By combining 3D property maps with traditional surveying techniques, property lines allow a real estate agent to identify the boundaries of property properties and the attributes of each property.Property lines […]

When you’ve got a foreclosed property, you can sue your landlord for its foreclosed properties

In Texas, for example, a man was forced to pay nearly $300,000 after his landlord sued him to evict his wife from the house that was her family’s home.A Texas judge ruled that the man was legally entitled to his wife’s foreclosed home.In Washington, where foreclosed homes are considered valuable property and a law protects […]

When will you be able to file your property tax returns?

Posted November 20, 2018 07:06:52 When you file your returns, you will have the ability to collect up to $50,000 in property tax from the federal government.If you do, you can then apply for a refund.The amount of property tax you will owe is based on the value of your property.If the property is worth […]

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