Why Wisconsin is in a race to get the most unclaimed land

Posted October 08, 2018 09:01:50 The most recent survey of Wisconsin property owners, released Monday, showed the state is losing a lot of land to development.The Land and Environment Division is collecting and analyzing the land in Wisconsin and the U.S. Department of Agriculture is also collecting data on unclaimed properties.The state is trying to […]

How to find your lost and stolen property

The vast majority of property tax receipts are paid to the state.The rest goes to local governments and individuals, according to the Tax Foundation.However, the state has one catch.It can only deduct some of the tax collected, as it does not include property that has been used or occupied for more than five years.That means […]

What to know about the proposed merger of Sodalite and Wampanoag property

By AP The proposed merger between Sodalites Sodaletown, N.J., and Wampsanoag properties has attracted a lot of attention since the New Jersey Attorney General filed the lawsuit.In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, the Attorney General argues that the proposed sale of both properties would cause “profound” damage to the communities, towns, townships, villages, counties and other […]

Water and soil: A guide to water and soil topics for a modern farmer Australia Financial Review

Water and soils are important topics to understand for farmers because they are often not fully understood by farmers and the soil is usually neglected.They can also be used as a way of managing a field in which water is not being used.In this article, I will look at water and soils in more detail.Water […]

How CBL Properties is trying to become a ‘digital, mobile-first’ property company

CBL, which owns and operates dozens of real estate properties across the U.S., announced Tuesday that it has signed a partnership with a developer that will offer “smart homes” that can connect to a smartphone app to manage and monitor their health, energy, security and other properties.The company is developing a platform that will allow […]

How to avoid Missouri’s property tax hike

An attorney for a Missouri homeowner is hoping a court will stop a property tax increase he says violates a homeowner’s constitutional rights.John R. O’Brien, a Missouri resident, is hoping to get his property tax refund.O,B, and C property owners are paying an increase of more than $50 per month, he says.He says he and […]

Property tax is a $10 trillion industry, but a report says it could be worth as much as $30 trillion

If you’re a property owner in the United States, the state of Florida might not seem like a particularly exciting place to live.However, if you’re in Florida, you might want to take note of the fact that property taxes in the state are quite high.Florida property taxes are set to rise by 25.7% by 2023, […]

Real estate agents are using metal detectors to deter fraud and thieves – Business Insider

Real estate agent Michael Hahn is trying to figure out how to prevent theft and fraud.“You have to have a sense of urgency.You have to be ready to deploy those technologies,” Hahn said.”When you see a lot of fraudulent activity going on, it’s easy to get discouraged.”But when you see the police presence, it makes […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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