ESPN’s Mark Titus on the SEC’s move to make moonstone property available to teams

ESPN’s NFL Insider Mark Titus talks about how the SEC is moving to make moonshine available to its teams, which is great news for all parties involved.Titus has been very critical of the SEC for its inability to enforce its moonshining policies and policies regarding moonshiner contracts.The SEC announced last week that it is moving […]

Why intellectual property laws are the most important thing you should know

Intellectual property is the biggest business opportunity in the world, according to a report released Wednesday by a group of academics.“If the internet was the world’s greatest economic engine, and we had laws that protected our intellectual property rights, it would be the biggest engine in the universe,” says Michael D. Schoen, a professor of […]

DFW’s property tax: The real story behind the headlines

DFW, Texas — A property tax bill for a Texas ranch has gotten a lot of attention lately.The property tax increase is expected to go into effect in November.According to Texas Tribune, property owners in Dallas are getting an increase of $10 per year for property valued at more than $2 million.Daryl and Julie Tully […]

What to know about Oregon’s tax on intellectual property

The Oregon Tax on Intellectual Property has taken a new direction in its plan to curb the growth of technology companies, the state’s top tax official said Monday.The new tax, which is in effect for the first time, applies to companies that sell software or software-related goods and services to consumers, according to the state […]

Oklahoma unclaimed properties up $1 million (Updated)

Oklahoma officials say they have recovered $1.7 million worth of unclaimed land and more than 200 properties in the state.The amount was posted on the Oklahoma Department of Revenue website Friday.The unclaimed lands were purchased from property owners who were unclaimed after a storm or flood, officials said.They are being offered to qualified individuals and […]

Mexico’s ‘tax on the rich’ to be scrapped, officials say

Mexico’s Supreme Court on Monday said it would scrap the country’s “tax on rich” on real estate assets, saying it violated the Constitution.The ruling by the Constitutional Court was expected to come into effect by the end of June.The tax on the wealthy was a cornerstone of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s economic recovery program and […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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