Palmer House’s CEO Is Worth $15 Million

Palmer House is the latest Hollywood studio to sell its iconic offices and offices for $15 million.Sources say the studios $50 million purchase of the former Palmer house in downtown LA was done for $1.5 million.The property is located just east of Hollywood Boulevard, and was built in the 1950s.The home sits at the heart […]

How to calculate the tax credit for your pornhub property

Palmer House properties may be your perfect rental for the holidays, but the rental tax deduction may be a bit of a headache.Here’s how you can use the tax deduction to save a few bucks.1.Renting with pornhub is tax-deductible2.Renters may qualify for a tax credit, but you have to qualify for it3.The tax deduction is […]

Palmer House to sell for $5.3M at auction

Palmer House, a Victorian mansion in South Africa, will sell for an undisclosed sum at auction, according to a report by the Johannesburg Times.The property, located on the banks of the River Gavaskar, is valued at $531 million, the report said.The owner, who was not named, will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, the […]

How to save the state’s tax dollars

The first tax break that would benefit the state is the one that most Americans can least afford: the elimination of property tax deductions.But it’s also the one most important to a state that’s struggling to get out of a deep recession. What are the most popular state tax deductions?The top two are the state and […]

How to save $400,000 in house taxes on Palmer House property in Haddonfield

Haddonfields residents are facing an uphill battle with their property taxes, and they’re not alone.According to the latest figures from the city, Henderson County has paid $1.9 million to Palmer House over the last four years.According the report, Palmer has spent $1,700 on renovations to the building and another $800 on landscaping and landscaping equipment.The […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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