When you can have a real estate tax break – and it can be a lot of money

When it comes to property tax exemptions, it’s all about the money.The Revenue Commissioners, the Government’s property tax revenue watchdog, says a tax break is a “significant source of income” for the State, which is why it can make a significant amount of money from property.It’s not just the tax rate that is significant.It’s the […]

Why I am buying and selling properties in a new city

In the next decade, the housing market will probably grow at a faster rate than the population growth.It is already a huge problem for California and New York City, both of which have huge populations of immigrants from Asia.California has had to import a large number of immigrants to compete with the rapidly growing population.The […]

What to know about the proposed merger of Sodalite and Wampanoag property

By AP The proposed merger between Sodalites Sodaletown, N.J., and Wampsanoag properties has attracted a lot of attention since the New Jersey Attorney General filed the lawsuit.In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, the Attorney General argues that the proposed sale of both properties would cause “profound” damage to the communities, towns, townships, villages, counties and other […]

How to spot the hidden property tax on your property

The hidden property taxes that many property owners have to pay in Australia can vary depending on the circumstances of the property.If you own a property that is not an apartment, for example, you will need to pay a property tax as a landlord.If you own an apartment complex that has more than one floor, […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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